News and updates from Powell

Busy start of summer!

It’s been a busy start of summer around Powell! We have been doing a lot of title work for insurance companies who are dealing with aircraft damaged in storms from Florida to Missouri and everything in between. We have had our own misfortune in the weather department here in Oklahoma as well, so we have our fingers crossed that things lighten up from here on out!

Overall the market seems to still be easing back to good, the recovery has been years long, and we have for sure seen our share of impact during these tough economic times. I read some positive outlooks from NBAA recently and do agree with them. Transactions of all sizes seems to be picking up, and exports in our office are slowing down, so we’re keeping good planes and good deals here in the states! It seemed for a while that with decreased values, tightened lending, and the weakened dollar that every one in the world was making their move.

Aircraft re-registration has been going smoothly for our clients, so that’s a good note. Everyone remembers the last “big change” that we experienced in the International Registry, so people weren’t optimistic! We have added a little more content to the website, most recently a page on 1031 exchanges, and we will be posting up a page about Aircraft Title Insurance soon as well, so check back!

I want to finish this short post by saying how much we all appreciate our customers and colleagues. We are lucky to look forward to coming in to work every day, and owe that to all of you!

Wishing you tailwinds and sunshine-