Aircraft 1031 Exchanges (like kind exchange)

Aircraft 1031 like kind exchange

We assume that by the time you have gotten to this page you are familiar with
the 1031 Exchange process, so we won’t go in to details on that. Powell Aircraft Title
Service has been the aircraft escrow agent on many transactions involving
both forward and reverse exchanges.  You can get information on these
matters from your attorney or accountant.   Powell elects not
to act as the QI because we feel we provide better service in using a
professional company to do so.  The costs between escrow companies
who act as QI, or companies who send the work to another firm is generally
the same to the customer, so why not get the best possible help from an

Do you suggest any companies who specialize in this?

We send our customers to Time Value Property Exchange.  We
have worked with them on many occasions and are very pleased
with their knowledge on aviation matters, and their smooth way of doing
business, as opposed to many other companies we have encountered,
Customers who have worked with TVPX speak of them in the highest of regards and
satisfaction.  You can reach them by visiting or by calling
800-753-6933, ask for Francine, Jeff or Lacy and they will take great care of

What if I am already using another company or service?

We are always glad to work with anyone as a team to provide the
best service possible.  We can assist them in any way they
need, and can provide them with the means to handle the transaction
smoothly and quickly. We merely suggest the above to someone who
doesn’t already have a relationship or is perhaps not satisfied with
the way things are going with their current company.