Why choose Powell?

Why choose Powell as my service provider?

We have been in business since the 1950’s.  We have a proven track record offering professional, prompt, friendly service.  We have watched a lot of companies come and go over the years, and we have proven we’re not going anywhere.  There are a lot of new companies out there, and we think several of them are great, and wish them the best of luck.  However, we still believe something is to be said about having been using the same P.O. Box longer that a half dozen of them added together have even been in business.  We have a strong relationship with our banking partners and have a great ability to take care of things in a very safe and timely manner.  This list could go on, because we’re proud of lot of things about us, but we just encourage you to ask around, we’re certain that you’re going to find out nothing but great things about us!

Our Staff

We have a great group of employees, with the longest member being with us over 35 years.  We have experience that can only be matched by a few others, but never surpassed.  If someone we have doesn’t have the answer, then we know someone who does.  We pride ourselves in our ability to simply get things done, and done right.  Call us today and just ask for some help, see how ready we are to lend a hand, and you’ll be sold on our personal touch and hard working team.



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